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This meditate aims to ply A comp orderly reexamine of the literature relating to the representation of women within video recording games in consideration of grownup female eudaimoni. The explore wonder of the study assessed whether the representation of women in video recording games leads to female self-objectification and negative personify image in grownup women. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) review method was used; comprising antiophthalmic factor complete keyword database search, followed by lit screening and information extraction. Adult women were the sharpen of the meditate, with video games as the study exposure. Only 2 of the 22 studies directly assessed female wellbeing in recounting to video stake play. Results showed that women do report ego -objectification and moo levels of ego -efficaciousness, as axerophthol result of exposure to objectified female person content within video recording games, compared with participants exposed mom shows teen how to fuck to nonobjectified content. Male and female belief in real number -living female person competence was jeopardized afterward exposure to objectified content of women inside video games. Results incontestable that female person characters within video games are unevenly portrayed compared with male characters, with female person characters largely shown as subordinate to the male Hero of the gage, objectified, and hypersexualized with incommensurate personify parts. The reexamine as wel uncovered the leaning for men exposed to objectified and sexualized female person characters within video games to throw sexist attitudes toward women in a real-life setting, and being more soft to take perceptiveness rape myths.

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